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Conference Track: Instructional Design

Adaptive Learning vs. Rapid Development

Not to be confused with Artificial Intelligence, Adaptive Learning is a system that adapts the presentation of material in a learning experience based on the learner's performance. During this session we will explore the benefits of Adaptive Learning and discuss how to implement such a strategy into an existing learning curriculum.

Presented by: Richard Vass, eLearning Brothers, Director, Customer Experience

Enabling SME's to Create Content

Timeline, resource, and budget constraints mean we often have to task SMEs with creating their own content, but many SMEs don’t have a teaching or instructional design background.

In this presentation, we’ll cover how you can create processes, tools, and resources that enable your SMEs to create content that meets the needs of learners. We’ll also cover some common issues that SMEs encounter in creating their own content.

Presented by: Jen Milner, Pluralsight, Content Development Training Manager and Kim Karnatz, Pluralsight, Author Success Manager


How To Use Experiences in Training 

In this session we will explore the use of fun group activities to train employees. We will go on a journey through several experiences that teach while the group is having fun. We will talk about how to develop training activities and how to pull lessons from them. We will delve into how to match fun activities with training objectives that participants will remember.

Presented by: Les Pardew, Mystery Escape Room, Owner 

Chatbot Design for Learning Use Cases

While today's AI isn't advanced enough to fully replace humans, it is enough to more efficiently serve learners. This session will cover the primary design principles for utilizing chatbots for learning. Learn how chatbots can support mobile coaching, training reinforcement, performance support, onboarding and more!

Presented by: Vince Han, Mobile Coach, CEO and Founder and Paul Bills, Mobile Coach, Director of Chatbot Design


Conference Track: Mix and Match 

Generation Z: Tapping Into Today's Fastest Growing Workforce

Today, Generation Z accounts for nearly a quarter of the global workforce, and with memes like #OKBoomer cropping up, the intergenerational divide is becoming the challenge of 2020. In this session, Bill Bennett will use proprietary and outside research to debunk some of our commonly held and negative myths about younger generations and show how any generation can best lead, engage and work with any generation. What are their expectations, how do you respect those and coach to greater success.

Presented by: Bill Bennett, InsideOut Development 

Scaling Diversity and Inclusion Training 

Sara Jones will use a specific case study of a real technology company she collaborated with to show how they launched a company-wide diversity and inclusion training program in just 3 months. Using innovative thinking, cutting edge technology tools, and blended online and in-person best practices, they were able to deeply embed learning and practice throughout the company. In this session, Sara will give an overview of this blended learning model, lessons learned, and how you can get creative about using technology tools to enhance employee learning around the important and sensitive topic of diversity and inclusion.

Presented by: Sara Jones, InclusionPro, CEO 

Roadmaps to Success: Achieving Organizational Goals + Developing High Performing Leaders

It's vital that organizations provide training and development opportunities for their employees that prepare them for their current roles and develop them to be successful in their future opportunities, all while ensuring that training and development initiatives support organizational goals. This session will guide participants in how-to create planning roadmaps that ensure training initiatives support achieving organizational goals and develop tomorrow's leaders, while also identifying KPI's that measure success.

Presented by: Angela Dawson, Event Network, Training and Development Specialist  

Games for Learning: Engagement, Onboarding & Fun!

If you’re curious about how games can be leveraged for workplace learning, break away for an hour and join us to play one of two games we built to engage our sales teams. Our digital “escape kit” and traditional board game were built to reinforce other parts of our larger workshops and onboarding programs. We’ll briefly share some background on these projects and “turn you loose” to get hands-on with these experiences and end addressing any questions you have.

Presented by: Travis Jones, Autodesk, Director, Enablement & Events


Conference Track: Managing Learning Programs and Organizational Change

Guardian, Guide, Cheerleader, Coach

The best training is not just training, it is meeting the learner/worker/manager at the point at which they need the next dose of professional guidance and giving them exactly what they need. This workshop will pull the question apart, "How do we know what someone needs, and how do we give it to them in the right dose at the right time?"

Presented by: Todd Wente, Independence University, Associate Provost 

7 BOLD Moves for a Learning Strategy Reset

Many learning professionals struggle with strategy. What does a good learning strategy include? Are you focused on the right things for your organization? Are you playing it safe or pushing the envelope? Join this interactive session to learn the Tangram approach to learning strategy. We will discuss seven key components and guidelines for developing a clear, future-focused strategy that helps you make decisions and energizes you to keep improving.

Presented by: Julie Dozier, Tangram Learning, Principal 

Getting Global Learning Right: From Design To Delivery

Extending learning to global teams adds complexity to an already challenging process. Learn how to implement global learning strategies from conceptualization to multilingual content delivery, including checklists derived from the experiences of top global companies. Topics will include choosing global-ready learning technology, implementing design best practices, building realistic project timelines, enforcing linguistic standards, and understanding diverse learning styles. Participant will receive practical advice that make global learning faster, simpler and less expensive to deliver.

Presented by: Aaron Schliem, Bureau Works, CMO

It's Not You ... Well Actually It Is You: The Art Of Helping People Change

Is allegiance to the status quo paralyzing your organization? Are you tired of settling for compliance? This session will illuminate the hidden human drivers of resistance and how to neutralize them in order to mobilize people.
In this interactive workshop, participants will be equipped with proven, practical tools to influence change in individuals and across organizations. Through case studies and immediate practice and application, participants will learn how influence change in individuals and across organization.

Presented by: Dan Moss, The Arbinger Institute, Senior Consultant


Conference Track: Performance Improvement

The Science of Success: Skills to Maximize Performance

Have you ever felt like lasting behavior change seems impossible? Most often, when we try to create change, we try one or two strategies and then give up when they don’t work. This session explores how to combine six strategies based in social science and behavioral psychology to drive rapid, sustainable, and measurable behavior change. Learn how to combine drive, skills, friends, wins, space, and tools to maximize engagement and accelerate performance.

Presented by: Jesse B. Good, Anglepoint, Customer and Employee Experience Manager

Engagement Wins When You Retire Your Annual Performance Reviews

Are you having problems retaining employees in Utah's extremely competitive job market? Are you terrified at moving your Performance Management system from an annual basis to more frequent Performance Conversations? This session will answer how you can make performance discussions more than a check-the-box activity. Learn how to increase employee retention, productivity, morale, and job satisfaction by moving to a model of frequent performance conversations.

Presented by: Janice Rowan-Lipari, Vivint Solar, Organizational Development Manager and Candice Jeffery 


7 Ways To Bring Emotional Intelligence To Your Organization

The framework for emotional intelligence has proven to be a great leverage for optimizing workplace leadership and performance. In this session, participants will examine the concepts of emotional intelligence and explore the value of integrating them into the human resource/talent development culture of their organizations. Expanding knowledge of the uses for EI will enable participants to build stronger organizations by increasing human resource/talent development exposure, business revenue and ROI.

Presented by: Jan Hovrud,  Training Werks, Owner

Filling The Leadership Pipeline

This session presents six key building blocks of an effective leadership development initiative. Not mere opinions or conjecture, content is based on extensive research. You will hear ways to increase the scale and scope of development, how to get executive support, what powerful learning methods to consider and how to gain greater sustainment. Participants will leave with an expanded view of the ways to overcome the challenges in implementing a company wide leadership development initiative.

Presented by: Jack Zenger, Zenger Folkman, CEO

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