Tell Me a Story: Six Tips to Create an Effective eLearning Experience

You’ve probably heard it before, “Use a story to involve your learners.” But, do you really know how to construct a narrative to make your training “stick?” In this session we’ll discuss six tips to create a strong story that catches your learners’ attention, produces an emotional connection, and helps to facilitate behavior change. Together, we’ll review strategies on how to leverage a story arc to influence what the learner knows, feels, or does as a result your training.

Presented by: Jennifer Fairbanks, Senior Instructional Designer, eLearning Brothers

The Facilitator’s Toolkit

When you hear "workgroup facilitation" do you immediately think "brainstorming?" While brainstorming is an important facilitation tool, it often is not the best tool to use. The workshop will introduce you to a number of facilitation tools that you can use for information gathering, focusing a discussion, or building consensus—and the best situations in which to use them.

Presented by: Doug Murray, Associate Director of Client Learning, Optum

Turning SMEs and Trainers into Designers

The position of a sole instructional designer at a company is a taxing one. There’s often much more to do than one person can ever hope to keep up on. Helping the SMEs and other knowledge experts share some of the design workload can be a life saver. Follow a few steps to build a team of eager designers-in-training.

Presented by: Jeannette Snyder, Learning Experience Designer,

Synchronous and Asynchronous: The Best of Both Worlds!

Asynchronous Elearning is great and has many strengths, but so does traditional synchronous learning. The greatest results come from using the right format for the desired outcome. This presentation will help learners understand what makes each method powerful, how to make choices that align the delivery method with the outcome and how to use them in the same course in the smartest way.

Presented by: Todd Wente, Director of Training, CEHE

Conference Track: Training Delivery

Keep Your Diverse Audience Engaged While Delivering an Effective Training

Every Learning and Development Specialist has been faced with providing a training for a varied group of individuals. In this discussion oriented class, we will review some of the best ways to engage an audience, how to ensure participation and how to ensure that the class objectives are achieved.

Presented by: R. Elias Adams,Senior Director, Learning & Development, England Logistics

The Socratic Method: Facilitating Assessment and Learning through Questioning

Business leaders specializing in Learning and Organizational Development will increase their understanding of the Socratic Method and their ability to effectively utilize it as a tool for 1) more accurately assessing client organizational strategic and developmental needs and 2) facilitating learner driven discovery-based learning.

Presented by: Wayne Davis, Vice President, Talent Development, England Logistics

Dealing with Different Personality Styles in Training

“Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.” Virtually every corner of the world is aware of this Golden Rule. The problem is, when it comes to leading or training people—with different personalities, backgrounds and talents—sometimes the Golden Rule needs to be broken. We need to manage, motivate and treat others the way they want to be treated.

Presented by: Jack Neeway, Managing Partner, Expert Leadership Development

Professional Presentation and Facilitation Skills

You will get $100,000+ in training for FREE. This session will look at the tips, tricks, and traps to taking your presentations to the next level. You will get the mechanics to room set-up, what kind of markers to use and which colors to avoid. You will get FREE internet resources that will help you create training titles that make people WANT to attend.

Discover a simple tool to writing up your programs to make them entertaining and mesmerizing. Tips on handouts, when and how to do evaluations, ways to get testimonials for your next presentation and more.

Presented by: Kordell Norton, America's Charisma Consultant, Synergy Solutions of Utah


Conference Track: Learning Technologies

xAPI: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

Have you heard of xAPI but not sure what it is? In this session you will learn the nuts and bolts of the xAPI. xAPI allows you to gain additional learning behavior insights from anything. You will walk away with a working knowledge of how to start using the xAPI to track much more data than you ever could in SCORM without all your content having to be in an LMS.

Presented by: Jeff Batt, Founder, Learning Dojo

Beyond Simple Screen Recordings: Creating and Integrating Video Effectively

Video is a useful tool in learning, whether conveying abstract concepts or giving system demos. However, it can be inconvenient to re-record and edit video footage captured with common tools like Camtasia and it’s hard to get a professional appearance. We’ll teach some basic principles to make videos look professional and make re-work and corrections easier. We’ll also demonstrate some of the possibilities for integrating video into learning products with interactive templates.

Presented by: Anneke Garcia, Instructional Designer Consultant, Optum

Make Engaging Graphics Quickly Using (Yes) PowerPoint

PowerPoint is one of the most inexpensive, powerful, and easy-to-use graphics tools on the market. Believe it or not. In this presentation, we'll cover some fundamentals of "flat art," a style currently dominating the visual design world and used heavily by Google, Amazon, and countless others. You'll then learn to use some of PowerPoint's lesser-known tools to create engaging graphics that rival creations only thought possible with cost-prohibitive programs like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. And, maybe more importantly, you'll learn how to make these graphics quickly and efficiently.

This presentation is for anyone with limited time and/or money, access to PowerPoint (and little else), and a desire to develop their own visual library.

Presented by: Doug Grose, Instructional Designer, Thumbtack

Extra! Extra! Hear All about It! FREE TRAINING TOOLS!

Get your list of tools and short demos too! We’ll perform a basic demo of many free (or close to free) tools for instruction, content development, social, professional, and even personal resources that you can utilize in your job. The list will include a variety of sites including animation, document sharing, polling and surveying, presentation, blogging, screen capturing, meeting requests and more. After a short walk through of each, we’ll send you home with a list of sites to explore further. Optional: Come prepared to share your own favorite free resources as well and learn from your fellow Utah ATD attendees.

Presented by: Alexa Taylor, Manager, Technology Training and Development, Jewish Federations of North of America


Conference Track: Change Management & Learning Impact

Positive Harm™: How Untended Consequences of Training and How to Eliminate Them

Great training motivates, inspires and is designed to drive improvement. When people have a great training experience, but nothing changes after training, the training can have hidden, long-term consequences that harm an organization. In this session you will learn how to identify the positive and negative unintended consequences of training, eliminate negative consequences and maximize the positive results.

Presented by:  Bruce Bennett, President, STAR360feedback

Implementing Change through Project Management

Become a project management rockstar! Are you trying to implement change in your organization? This hands-on workshop focuses on the 5 Process Groups of successful project management. Create a powerful Change Culture where stakeholders are engaged early on and training is well received. No more "We need training, but have nothing prepared, can you do it for us?" Be ready to have fun as we break out into small groups. Come prepared with a project you would like to work on for a real world experience!

This session is intended for leaders, thought leaders and trainers in any organization.

Presented by: Adam Foster, Global Director of Training, Packsize International

Managing Resistance to an Organizational Change Initiative

Organizational change initiatives usually necessitate a change in the way people work. This requires individuals to transition from the way they’re doing things now to a new way of doing things. Some people will have an easy transition; others will face significant struggles. This workshop focuses on learning and applying a simple model for identifying and addressing the factors that affect the ability of individuals, groups, and organizations to successfully adopt a change.

Presented by: Beth Hoburg, Principal, PES Change Solutions

Tired of Useless Survey Data? Finally Obtain Data You Can Use!

This session is designed for practitioners with minimal experience in creating effective surveys. The focus will be on the development of useable skills that can be applied in any type of survey, including training evaluations, employee engagement, customer loyalty, 360-degree profiles, and culture assessments. Attendees will learn how to write survey questions that deliver actionable, prescriptive data – data that not only tells you what, but help you understand why and what next? We’ll cover major pitfalls and biases that result in useless, vague and non-actionable data.

Presented by: David McMurray, President Western Division, Insight Management Consulting


Conference Track: Integrated Talent Management & Coaching

Facilitate Training, Internal Consulting, Coaching Unishippers Employees and Franchisees

Create an effective work environment by providing a respectful approach to coaching your employees and interacting with all who you work with daily. Lead by example in making a choice to take responsibility of your responses to what work life throws at you daily. Be emotionally present for people around you during the day. Contribute to others experiences in your work environment, by naturally being creative in you interaction with everyone who crosses your path.

Presented by: Joe Baca, Sales Training Program Manager, Unishippers

A Neuroscience-Based Look at Organizational Engagement Dynamics

Regrettably, Gallup surveys have consistently shown that only about 32 percent of workers in the US are fully engaged at their places of work. This seminar defines and examines the key human engagement factors and their corresponding dynamics based on the latest research in neuroscience. It concludes by recommending tangible solutions to this widespread problem that have yet to be fully discussed in current management literature.

Presented by: Charles Ehin, Emeritus Professor of Management, Westminster College

Leadership Lessons from Teddy, George, and Geronimo

Whether you're a CEO, an Administrative Assistant, or a custodian, You're a leader! And whether you're a seasoned veteran or have just been promoted to your first leadership position, there is much you can learn from the leadership styles, successes, and mistakes of such Old West luminaries as Teddy Roosevelt, George Custer, Geronimo, and others.

When you master those strengths and learn from their weaknesses, you can lead your team into any battle and win!

Presented by: Craig Johnson and Lannie Scopes,  Hired Guns LLC

Recruit AND Develop Talent

To recruit or develop….. that is the question leaders wrestle with as the relationship between recruiting and development is often clouded and disjointed. The reality is organizations must both recruit and develop to be successful much like a sports team. Horizontal collaboration across recruiting and development creates sharing of critical information to enhance the process to enhance the learner experience, reduce the time to proficiency, and drive results.

In this interactive session we will work through a scenario together. You will then you will have time to apply your knowledge and skills to craft your own talent management strategy.

Presented by: Jordan Snedaker, VP, Sr. Learning and Development Consultant, Wells Fargo

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