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ATD National Conference Recap with Yvette Amparo-Espinoza

Saturday, June 01, 2019 4:53 PM | Anonymous

Four Key Takeaways from the ATD National ICE Conference

I was looking forward to attending this year's ATD National Conference, and once again, I was not disappointed. I always leave full of new ideas for how to improve my training skills, ready to implement innovative solutions to our training problems, and excited about great new friendships. One thing I learned from attending previous conferences is to prepare beforehand and arrive with a plan for which sessions to attend. There are so many choices, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you are not focused.

My Main Takeaways from the 2019 Conference

1. Sharing quality time with other Utah Chapter members. Thank you to all event sponsors!

2. Chapter Sessions

My three favorite sessions were…

“Solutions to Help with Member Engagement” (Chapter Leader Day)

This session focused on…

  • Focusing on what matters most to members
  • Building a relationship of trust
  • Maintaining a well-informed website
  • Setting clear chapter goals
  • Providing meaningful content at monthly events

“Organizational Culture”

This session focused on…

  • How to recognize problems
  • How to conduct a gap analysis
  • How to develop a leadership brand

“Time Management” (Becoming Your Best Global Leadership)

This session focused on the following equation: Mindset + Skills = Becoming Your Best

“Good, Better, Best
 Never let it rest 
'Til the Good is better
and the Better is best."

3. Keynote Speakers

All three keynote speakers were wonderful—especially Oprah. During her talk, she talked about clearing our minds and waiting until we are ready to do what we have to do. In other words: Be patient. Another great insight was when she said, "Live in the moment so that you can make the next right decision." This touched me personally as I am dealing with some challenges of my own.

4. Leadership sessions

During these sessions, I strengthened my knowledge and skills to prepare our future leaders.

Overall, I loved the conference. The speakers were outstanding and the sessions were full of useful information. After attending the conference, I feel equipped to find solutions to our organization's challenges. I encourage anyone to attend this conference in the future (and be sure to wear comfortable shoes).

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