2022 Conference Breakout Sessions

Session 1

(WED, 9/21, 10:00 - 10:50a.m.)

Richard Vass, VP, Learning Services at ELB Learning

Richard Vass has over 25 years of experience in human performance and development. As VP of Learning Solutions at eLearning Brothers, Richard has forged deep relationships in the field of professional learning services and has provided significant contributions to clients.

Richard has been recognized nationally for significant, innovative accomplishments in the training arena. In 2008 Richard was recognized by the Association of Talent Development (ATD) as a Certified Professional in Talent Development and served as president of the ATD Utah Chapter in 2011. He is currently active in local leadership and national learning strategy for ATD.

Treion Muller, Chief Strategy Architect at ELB Learning

Treion has spent the past two decades helping some of the largest Learning & Development companies in the world with their behavior change and digital transformation initiatives. Some of his roles have included:

CEO & Founder, The Modern Learning Architect, Chief Product Officer, Korn Ferry, Chief Product Officer, Strategy Execution (Formerly ESI), Chief Product Officer, TwentyEighty (Private Equity holding company made up of some of the largest L&D companies - Miller Heiman Group, ViItalSmarts, Strategy Execution and Achieve Forum.), Chief eLearning Architect, FranklinCovey (Key contributor through digital transformation phase)

Treion is also a go to expert, author, and problem-solver, who can align market and customer demand with successful product creation, CX, and go-to-market initiatives.

He knows what your learners want, how they want it, and what to do about it. Treion has a master’s degree in Instructional Technology and Learning Science and is currently a PHD student in the same field.

Session 1A: Stop Throwing Darts! Create learning that sticks with a 3-Step Strategic Process to Learning Success

There are four common setbacks that learning strategies and solutions suffer from. First, they do not account for the modern learner. Digital natives are the same people we employ in our companies, and they want just-in-time (JIT) answers to JIT questions, in bite-size packages.

Second, one-and-done firehose events. We expect learners to miraculously change behavior after we firehose them with information, give them a paper action plan, and abandon them as soon as the event is over.

Third, one-size-fits-all packaged learning. We continue to provide the same packaged linear learning solutions to everyone, regardless of the problem, and then act surprised when it doesn't work.

Finally, old-school processes, thinking, and systems. Traditional approaches are failing to deliver desired change and business impact because they do not take advantage of the right technologies for their specific needs. But there is a better way and it's easier than you think!

Jeff Batt, Founder and Trainer at Learning Dojo

Jeff Batt has 12+ years of experience in the digital learning and media industry. Currently, Jeff Batt is a Learning Experience Designer for Amazon.

He is the founder and trainer at Learning Dojo, a company dedicated to training you to become a software ninja in various eLearning, web, and mobile-related software applications.

He has also been the Program Manager over DevLearn for the Learning Guild, helping program conferences. Jeff often speaks on developmental technologies such as xAPI, HTML5, augmented reality, mobile development, eLearning development tools, and more.

Session 1B: Tips to Take Your Camtasia Videos to the Next-Level

Most of the time, we think of Camtasia as an excellent screen recorder. A perfect way to record your screen for a software demo, and that is it.

Camtasia can do much more. You can create complex animations with masking, looping, and more.

In this session, you will learn how to get the most out of your Camtasia with tips and tricks to save you time editing and tips and tricks for creating animations that make people ask if you created it in After Effects.

Justin Whiting, Instructional Designer, Learning Experience Team at Intermountain Healthcare 

Justin is an Instructional Designer for Intermountain Healthcare and a doctoral candidate at Indiana University. He has worked in corporate, academic, and healthcare settings as a trainer, associate instructor, consultant, designer and developer.

Session 1C: Bringing Performance Consulting to Life in Healthcare presented by Justin Whiting, Intermountain Healthcare

At Intermountain Healthcare, we have made a transition to a learner centered, performance consulting driven approach to learning and development. This presentation will focus on lessons learned, what has been successful, and things I wish we would have done differently in implementing a performance consulting approach to development.

By attending the presentation you will hear real world examples of how projects have been completed using performance consulting, and ideas for using performance consulting in your own organization.

Session 2

(WED, 9/21, 11:00 - 11:50a.m.)

Samantha Easter, MBA, M.Ed.

Samantha Easter is a Senior Strategic Communications Manager at Mountain America Credit Union. Prior to this role, she was Assistant Vice President of Instructional Design, overseeing a team of designers responsible for designing all training programs and employee development.

Samantha has earned an Master in Workplace Education & Diversity and an MBA focusing on Analytics. She  brings over a decade of experience educating adults in the US and internationally on how to be more effective in the workplace.

Diagnosed with Autism/ADHD at age 33, she has discovered how divergent thinking helps her ask unique questions, uncover previously hidden problems, and connect to common-sense solutions. She has a passion for identifying opportunities to flip a weakness into a strength, and strength into a superpower. 

She is an active member of the Utah Training, Disability, and Neurodiversity communities. She is currently the VP of Marketing and Membership for the Utah Association for Talent Development and a member on the Governor's Committee On Employment Of People With Disabilities.  She also supports Centro de la Familia and the Utah Registry of Autism and Developmental Disabilities (URADD) with writing, research, and data analytics. 

Samantha is a native of Southern Arizona and spends her time performing improv, taking far too many continuing education classes, and seeking out the best places to find legit Mexican food in Utah.

Session 2A: Wait! That's not normal: Understanding Neurodiverse Needs in Training

Raise your hand if you know any children with ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia. Between 30% and 40% of the population are thought to be neurodiverse.

While kids are given IEPs and resources, one thing many people fail to recognize is that those kids grow up. It is also estimated that neurodiverse adults are routinely under-and-unemployed.

This presentation will give you a broad overview of what neurodiversity is and how to support these individuals in your organization.

Lelani Craig, CommGap International Language Services

Lelani started Craig Enterprises, Inc. DBA CommGap in 2000. CommGap is a translation and interpretation company that works with more than 200 languages.

Along with CommGap, Lelani owns Global 1 Voice, LLC which offers media and broadcasting consulting services along with Leading Edge, Inc., and aircraft management company, and Capra Group, LLC which manages real estate.

Lelani Craig has more than 30 years of experience in the language industry, including 22 years as an entrepreneur and manager. She is an accomplished conference interpreter as well as a certified court interpreter.

Lelani has extensive knowledge and experience in language services requirements, compliance, and advocacy.

Session 2B: Opportunities of Learning and Training in Any Language

Promoting a culture of learning must include foreign languages and customs. Did you know that if you combine all Spanish speakers in the US, we would be the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world? I will present to you 5 reasons why it's important to keep an open mind when it comes to including culture and language in your learning, training, and teaching, including some of the common oversights and mistakes.

Attend and learn how to create a more inclusive learning style to bring more cultural and linguistic clarity to all situations.

Session 3

(THURS, 9/22, 10:00 - 10:50a.m.)

Gwen Navarrete Klapperich, Chief Learning Consultant, Klapperich International Training Associates (KITA) LLC

Gwen Navarrete Klapperich, M.Ed., CPTD® is Chief Learning Consultant of Klapperich International Training Associates (KITA) LLC, a talent development consulting firm that specializes in employee training & development, diversity & inclusion initiatives, performance consulting, and health & safety training. She holds over 20 years of experience in training & development, customer service supervision, and quality assurance initiatives, and has worked in various industries such as retail, call centers, healthcare, government, hospitality, nonprofits, and continuing education. Gwen earned her CPTD® (Certified Professional in Talent Development, formerly Certified Professional in Learning and Performance) from the Association of Talent Development and holds a master’s degree in education specializing in Training & Performance Improvement from Capella University. She has dedicated her career to helping adult learners reach their professional goals through effective job training.

Session 3A: Design Inclusive Training: Go Beyond Accessibility to Reach All Learners 

Today's training programs cannot be one-size-fits all. We have a diverse workforce who may have challenges understanding learning concepts due to challenges ranging from English language barriers to physical and cognitive disabilities. We need to address learner needs based on a wide range of ability, disability, age, reading level, learning preferences, native language, race, and ethnicity, to name a few. But how do we make our training as inclusive as possible?

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an instructional method that challenges us to go beyond the ADA, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Section 508 requirements to use a framework that reduces as many barriers to learning as possible, especially for workers with low literacy, English language learners, and employees with disabilities.

In this session, we will explore the seven principles of UDL and discuss three elements of learning: representation (the WHAT of learning), action and expression (the HOW of learning) and engagement (the WHY of learning). We will also examine ways to incorporate these principles into our current and future training designs.

Rachel McPhail, Senior Instructional Designer, Intermountain Healthcare

Rachel McPhail is an award-winning instructional designer with over 18 years of experience creating dynamic learning solutions. Currently, Rachel designs learning solutions for healthcare professionals at Intermountain Healthcare. Her favorite part of the process is consulting with her clients to identify the performance problem and matching a learning solution that will improve performance using design thinking principles. As a visual learner, Rachel appreciates the combination of instructional technology and graphic design that she brings together in her learning solutions. Creating education that changes lives motivates her to push boundaries and try new solutions. She holds a Doctorate of Education from A.T. Still University and a Masters in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Utah State University.

Session 3B: Ideation: The Key to a Creative Learning Journey presented by Rachel McPhail, Intermountain Healthcare

With a problem statement in hand, it's time to do the creative work by ideating (brainstorming) all the possible solutions for effective learning solutions.

Ideation results cover can cover everything from marketing the education, identifying the key learning events, following up with supportive self-directed education and tools for on-the-job performance, to evaluating the learning experience.

Participants will be able to prep for ideation, conduct a productive ideation session, and develop a learning journey plan from the ideations results.

Tony Holmes. Practice Lead for Solutions Architects Public Sector, Pluralsight

Pathological problem solver, and serial question asker, a lifelong student of mental models, experienced in creating innovative solutions where analogical ideas meet rigorous socratic method. For more than two decades Tony has been solving complex problems for some of the largest, and most forward-thinking technology organizations in the world; including British Broadcasting Corporation, Digital Equipment Corporation, Microsoft Research, Opsware, Hewlett Packard, Oracle and currently Pluralsight, THE Technology Skills platform for the Government.

Session 3C: Creating a Culture of Learning

Technology is arguably at the center of every organization today and closing the gap between the technology skills that are needed for mission success and those that are available is one of the most important challenges organizations face.

Building a culture of learning not only addresses this problem, it can be a key strategy in becoming a high-performance organization.

I help organizations realize they can create a culture of learning to help overcome the current skills gap

Session 4

(THURS 9/22, 11:00 - 11:50 a.m.)

Joe Folkman, Ph.D., President and Co-Founder, Zenger Folkman


Joe Folkman, Ph.D., is co-founder and president of Zenger Folkman. He is globally recognized as a top leader in the field of psychometrics, leadership, and change. He is a respected authority and consultant to some of the world’s most successful organizations, a best-selling author, and a frequent keynote speaker and conference presenter.

Session 4A: TRIFECTA OF TRUST: Discover the Proven Formula for Building or Restoring Trust

Leaders can be driven, agile, strategic, and experts in their field, but without trust, it won't count for anything. The data shows that trust is the one leadership behavior that can positively or negatively affect everything else you do.

In this session, psychometrics and leadership expert Joseph R. Folkman, PhD, will share compelling data and insights from his new book, The Trifecta of Trust.

As a participant in this development experience, you will:

- Discover the three core behaviors that create and reinforce trust from others, increasing your success and happiness, both in business and life.

- Have the opportunity to take The Trifecta of Trust Self-Assessment to identify your preferences on the three foundational behaviors.

- Learn how to improve trust for you and your team.

Trust may seem like a small behavior, but it has an enormous impact. Folkman collected data from millions of raters and over a hundred thousand global leaders. He'll share a proven formula that will guide any person wanting to build or restore trust.

Steffaney Zohrabyan, Sales Enablement Insights & Innovation, Cisco

Steffaney Zohrabyan is an award winning Walkme developer with several years of experience creating engaging sales enablement learning programs and for companies such as LendingClub, Robert Half, and T-Mobile for Business.

Her award winning Walkme content for Robert Half's strategic pricing initiatives was featured by Walkme CEO and Co-Founder Dan Adika at Dreamforce 2019 in San Francisco.

Session 4B: Fueling productivity in your organization with the 70-20-10 model

Cisco's Global Sales Enablement organization is comprised of trainers, instructional designers, change management experts and strategists who have all transitioned to a 70-20-10 talent development model over the past several months and it's been wildly successful as they support their learners through one of the biggest digital transformations in modern history as Cisco makes the transition from a hardware company, to one of the 10 largest software companies in the world!

Linda Watts, Director, Talent Development, Utah Transit Authority

Linda is the Director of Talent Development with Utah Transit Authority (UTA). She leads a team that encompasses Corporate Training, Bus Maintenance Training, Bus Operations Training, and Leadership Development Training. Their goal is to create lifelong training and implementation that not only moves our community forward but develops our people as well. Through her extensive leadership drive they have been able to increase employee engagement, increase retention, and drive compliance. She has over 20 years’ experience in training, facilitating, and presenting on a wide variety of topics. She has presented on a national level several times. Prior to her position with Utah Transit Authority, she worked for a Utah government agency, Job Corps, and teaching students from Kindergarten through adults. Linda earned her Masters degree in Management and Leadership through Western Governors University. She earned her Bachelors degree in Special Education from Weber State University. She is a proponent for helping people reach their full potential and recognizes that to achieve that goal-you must have training that sticks. She is a strong believer in the science of application. In her current role as Director of Talent Development, she is a strong advocate for evaluation assessment-finding the value of training and implementation. She also advocates for building relationships of trust with each department and employee. For her, this is the key to evaluating the success of a training.

Session 4C: Creating a Leadership Development Pathway 

Are you struggling to develop your future leaders? Learn how a company with over 2700 employees have integrated leadership development for all levels of leadership.

By attending this presentation, participants will be able to diagnosis their current employee leadership development pathway, learn how to collaboratively build a leadership program that will benefit all levels of leadership, and how to show metrics that said program is benefiting the organization

Session 5

(FRI 9/23, 9:00 - 9:50 a.m.)

Aaron Brown, VP Talent and Member Development, Mountain American Credit Union

Aaron spent the first 15 years of his career as a process improvement professional working for a number of High-tech and manufacturing companies such as Novell, Philips, Bosch Electronics, eBay, and ClearOne Communications. He found his true north star that being leadership and organizational development, and 12 years ago made a significant horizontal career change. Since then, he has led L&D, Leadership Development and OD and change strategy for CX One and most recently Uber. Aaron loves to imagine what might be and then innovate to bring that vision to life. He is passionate about leaving a legacy of powerful people and leaders at Mountain America Credit Union.

Session 5A: Coaching: The Heart of Leadership 

A case study in the vision, strategy, execution, change management and success outcomes of a leadership development transformation initiative which has fundamentally inspired the hearts and minds of our leaders to think and interact differently with their team members and make coaching a natural way of how they lead everyday.

Darrell Harmon, co-author, Master Storytelling: How to Turn Your Experiences into Stories that Teach, Lead, and Inspire

Darrell’s professional passion has always been to help people do better at work while loving what they do. This has led him to certify in several globally-recognized development programs, including “Crucial Conversations” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” He has worked as an in-house L&D professional and consulted externally to dozens of companies in his 25+ year career.

One of his most recent efforts to increase leader impact is to teach them how to craft vivid and persuasive stories. Storytelling is our most compelling communication tool: It helps us connect, ignites our imaginations, and moves us to action. Though we all naturally love stories, there’s an actual craft to telling them well.

Darrell has trained, consulted, and coached all over the U.S. in addition to living overseas. He earned a master of organizational behavior (MOB) degree from the Marriott School of Management at BYU and is a four-time master trainer at Crucial Learning (formerly VitalSmarts). He’s the husband of one, father of four, and grandpa of five. Yay!

Session 5B: Teach, Lead, and Inspire: Make Your Messages Matter

You have messages that matter. You need people to listen, understand, and act on important information. You use charts and graphs, inspirational quotes, cool backgrounds in your PowerPoint, and your best stage lighting. Still, you don't see much change.

Learn to tap into the hearts and minds of the people you want to teach, lead, and inspire by understanding the power and impact of storytelling. We're not talking about fairy tales or epic novels, but real-life experiences crafted into meaningful stories with a purpose.

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