Get Involved


Volunteering is the best way to get to know and network with other members and give back to the learning community. In addition, volunteering can be a first step in becoming a board member. A sample of the numerous volunteer opportunities at the Utah ATD is listed below. Utah ATD members also have the opportunity to volunteer for a variety of community and chapter service projects. To volunteer, contact us at our email address and let us know which areas interest you—

Marketing & communications

Volunteers help with producing the monthly newsletter, developing membership surveys, making media contact to promote the chapter and meetings, and the development of chapter marketing collateral.


We need volunteers to recruit new members, manage membership drives, conduct new member orientation, assist with registration at meetings, and maintain the membership database. 

We also need volunteers to mentor new members. As a mentor you will be assigned one new member to welcome to the group, help introduce to other members at events, and encourage meeting attendance via phone, mail or email.

Conference & events

Conference and event volunteers will be involved in event and location selection, speaker selection, developing meeting announcements, evaluation of meetings, and arranging for meeting refreshments, speaker thank you gifts, etc.

Community service

We need volunteers to help our chapter connect and partner with public service organizations. Volunteer activities within this program are centered on special events and include promotion and participation in those events. Community service is a great way to get involved in learning and development project work.

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