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Logo featured on Utah ATD website home page  XXX
Sponsor spotlight on website  2 per year

Logo on chapter newsletters  (900+ reach)X X
Feature one product/service/special offer in a newsletter (900+ reach) Quarterly 
 2 per year 1 per year
Social media references (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)Monthly  Bi-monthly Quarterly 
 Recognition as a chapter sponsor in Annual Conference slideshow played before/after main sessions (150+ attendees) X X


Monthly events (per month) - Additional can be purchased at member discount 4 


 Monthly Event Sponsorship$200
 Sponsor Highlight on Event Email Blast and on Utah ASTD social mediaX
 Sponsor Highlight featuring products/services during lunch of the monthly event (15 min) (25+ attendees)X
Sponsor slide included in Lunch slide presentationsX
Two Event Registrations X

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