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ASTD Utah's June Event

  • Friday, June 17, 2011
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Marriott University Park 480 Wakara Way Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 1-(801) 581-1000


  • Free admittance to Sponsoring Company

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Performance Measured is Performance Enhanced:

Performance leadership represents the single greatest lever available to improve performance by any measure. 

Discover those attributes of leadership that guide an organization to higher performance and better engagement.  There are specific predictors, critical success factors, behaviors, and business practices that contribute to success among people and organizations. These characteristics can be identified, measured, and compared over time as performance indicators to significantly improve business results. Our leadership performance model helps leaders establish a culture of engaged, self directed people, and engaged people are the difference between average and peak performance.  The presentation will include:


Optimizing the workforce by improving productivity.  We discuss diagnosing, measuring and comparing what contributes to high or low performing work environments.


Measured performance vs. development.  Success is determined by performance outcomes not the process.  We discuss the competency and discipline to use actionable measurement in making decisions.


About the Presenter:

Kirk Oborn: Kirk has extensive experience as a business professional with much of the time spent in senior leadership roles where he has developed expertise in leadership development. By coaching them to become accountable, work on teams, and improve performance, mediocrity was replaced with excellence and potentials were unleashed.  Specializing in workforce optimization, he has helped companies establish good business practices that keep employees satisfied, loyal, and engaged. Kirk will share case study data, research and his own experience providing participants with an exceptional amount of value that translates into actionable strategies. An engaging style that combines raw facts with insights learned from twenty-five years in the trenches developing strategies and actions with a proven track record of improving performance.  Kirk calls his audiences to action, resulting in involved, educated listeners.

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